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ROHI commemorates IWD 2022- Press Release

At Restoration of Hope Initiative (ROHI), we wholeheartedly believe that “when a woman rises, the world rises”. This is demonstrated in the advocacy and work we do within communities. ROHI celebrates all women and girls around the world, in all of their diversity. Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls have long been a part of ROHI’s work—we seek to create environments that help women succeed economically, prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV), provide voluntary family planning and other reproductive health services for women, and ensure women’s leadership and meaningful participation in all areas of life. We also work with men and boys as key allies to create sustainable and long-lasting change. Climate change has become a war we need to fight globally due to its effect on livelihoods, food security and the environment. The impact of climate change may be gradual, but the consequences will cause more hardship than any war has caused and the number of people that may die due to direct and indirect effects of the consequences of climate change will run into millions. Despite women being disproportionately affected by climate change, they play a crucial role in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Women have the knowledge and understanding of what is needed to adapt to changing environmental conditions and come up with practical solutions. In a world where we are faced with different challenges and threats to our survival, we need to break the bias and work together as a people to address the threat to our survival. ROHI calls on individuals at all levels to act deliberately towards breaking every barrier that reduces the chances of gender equality. We must stop the discrimination against women, stop gender stereotyping while aiming to rescue our world and provide a sustainable tomorrow. ROHI calls on the government of Nigeria to act decisively in ensuring that women form an equal part of the decision-making body of Nigeria. The Federal Government must break every bias against gender, religion, culture, and ethnicity until a gender-equal world is realized. We must act collectively to break the bias.

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