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ECW_UNICEF Project at Borno and Adamawa States

At the onset, an inception meeting was held among 4 partners of the consortium: (ROHI, CATTAI, GPoN, GSF), to give a direction to the project implementation. Across the project locations, 495 community volunteer teachers were recruited to support lesson delivery for the Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI), who helped in enrolling 71,220 school aged children. Within this figure, 41,081 are enrolled in formal schools while 30,139 are out-of-school children. These learners were clustered into radio clubs according to their level, age and proximity of their homes to the learning points. Moreover, we also developed Learner-centred, child friendly, multi-lingual teaching and learning materials for children affected by emergency. Lessons were developed on Mathematics, English, Basic Science and Civic education for primary one to JSS 3, by teachers recommended by the SUBEB, with subjects experts from Kashim college of education and University of Maiduguri, as team leads. A proper review and validation of the drafted workbooks was carried out by consultants. To provide access through digital learning platforms, video and audio lessons recording began with third term in English, Hausa, Kanuri and Fulfulde, the lessons were recorded by school teachers recommended by SUBEB. Parentsí guide with picture code was developed to promote positive parenting at home and in the community. The parentsí guide covers topics like child participation in decision making at home, roles of caregivers, parents and community in protection of children, forms of child abuse, child development, nutrition, importance of antenatal and post-natal, importance of both formal and non-formal education, education for children with special needs, role of caregivers in education, child safety at home and in school, health and hygiene etc. Moreover, audio lessons were developed to provide alternate learning platform for in and out of school children. Enrolled learners were clustered for the radio lessons using solar powered radios. At intervals during the IRI sessions, facilitators pause the radios to elaborate further for learners to comprehend the learning content. Learners are also engaged in recreational activities before being dismissed. We also established CRM desk to receive reports on PSEA, GBV, VAC and other CP related issues.

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