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ROHI Leads On The Development Of Safeguarding Framework For Adamawa State

ROHI, in partnership with Street Child of Nigeria is implementing the GIZ-funded project in Adamawa state which is geared at ‘Educating a generation of girls’.

The project which is tailored towards education and education is delivering the intervention in Mubi North and Mubi South of Adamawa state. Arising from the plethora of factors impeding child rights and safeguarding in Mubi, the project team proposed a community-led approach.

The project drew out stakeholders from the various agencies and community structures to develop a safeguarding framework that will facilitate and amplify measures towards preparedness, prevention and response strategies geared at safeguarding concerns. The framework is designed to highlight the fundamental actions required to be taken. This is followed by the strategy for implementing the actions, and lastly, the stakeholders whose joint efforts are required and fundamental in ensuring the actions are achieved efficiently and effectively.

This framework will be validated at the state level and then put to use as a reference document.

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