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ROHI Rescues a Family

Muhammed Hussain, 42, is an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) from Gagibo village, who now resides in Dikwa town. He is one of the participants in our Positive Parenting Sessions. Muhammed revealed to our team members during an interaction that before his enrolment for the sessions, he was going through stress, worry, and anxiety with his son's behavior, especially towards his younger sisters. To make things worse, Muhammed stated, “I barely had time for my family and was getting exhausted with life. Thankfully, ROHI's Positive Parenting Sessions came to the rescue. He added that this helped him address the matter carefully, and things are working out. He says, It’s so different now; I now have time for my family, and the relationship between me and my children has improved immensely and we are much more connected and playful. I’m so glad we have reached this point and feel much happier and reassured about my parenting. ROHI also trained Muhammed on entrepreneurship through the Family Business Scheme (FBS) and supported him with a cash grant to start a business. He said, “Thanks to ROHI, for saving my life and that of my family.

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